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THE coaching program for Enneagram Type Nines

More than anything you want to feel bold. But mostly,  it feels impossible.


You think it should be easier to feel the peace that you so long for.

You think it should be easier to accomplish what you want to accomplish, deal with your people, feel like you measure up to everyone else, and be yourself. 

You wish it was easier to assert yourself more and share your opinion as others do.

But it feels hard...and you're tired of continually feeling less than (and overlooked!)


Here's what I want to tell you, my friend.

First...nothing is wrong with you or your life. You are simply a human being in this world.  And as an Enneagram Type 9, you have a brain that is wired to seek comfort and peace at all times, avoid conflict and make sure everyone accepts you.

This overwhelming desire for peace causes you to fall asleep to yourself and your life.


But I want to tell don't have to change all the circumstances in your life in order to feel peace.

You just need to start thinking differently and learn how to feel these skills in your body.

You need help waking up and learning what it feels like to be more BOLD.

And I'm here to help you to do it with The BOLD NINE Academy, an online coaching community just for Peace-Lovers, or Enneagram Type 9s.

I know what you're probably thinking.

It's going to be like every program that you've joined. You'll start off excited, but then you'll be inconsistent and feel horrible about yourself again. And I won't argue with you about the first part. You will probably be inconsistent. Most Nines just roll that way.


BUT.... that's perfectly OK.

The Bold Nine Academy is a no-judgment zone that allows you to PERsistently (even if not CONsistenly) grow and make impactful changes alongside other Type Nines who struggle just like you.  We teach you how to thrive in this world WITH your highly sensitive nervous system and your sometimes innatentive, slower-processing brain. 

Bold Nine (1).jpg

Your Questions Answered:

When does the program begin? 

The cohort program is currently in session and the new monthly membership program will launch in September. 



Awareness brings choice. Practice brings change.

Trying to overcome your unhealthy 9 habits and show up more confidently by reading self- improvement books or listening to podcasts only gives you one piece of what is needed. It's like learning to ski by just watching videos. You need to actually practice with your body and someone needs you to show you how to make it easier. The workshops, lessons, challenges and coaching calls give you the opportunity to practice and to be coached into a more confident way of being.


This is like a gym membership, but it's for your brain and your way of being...your state of peace.  And Heather's team is made up completely of Enneagram Nines...who GET it!

Once inside The Bold Nine Academy, you'll get:


You will receive e-mails  with clear direction on how to get the most of your membership. 


In addition to monthly workshops, the program includes an archive of video lessons that teach tools that can greatly improve your experience as a Nine.


Each month is like it's own  course where we study and practice one aspect of growing as a Nine.

Heather hosts webinar-style workshops on Zoom where she teaches powerful tools and coaches Nines to help them start living into who they truly are.

 Those who can't attend the workshops live can watch the recordings later. 


You will have the opportunity to be coached and listen to coaching calls. 

Listening to other people receive coaching on the habits and blind spots that keep you stuck can be just as transformative as being coached yourself. 

We also have self-healing calls that will help you to  heal your nervous system and embody your transformation. These calls include such modalities as breath work, meditation, somatic (embodiment) practice and group EMDR sessions.

More of What's Inside The Bold 9 Academy

One to two coaching calls are held per week. You can sign up to receive coaching on literally ANYTHING. Those who haven't been coached recently will be given first priority for coaching. 

Each of the lesson modules and workshops include optional challenges that help you integrate the teachings.  As you complete the challenges, you click a bubble which awards you points. Within the community, we have monthly contests where you can earn prizes for collecting your points. If that's not your problem. Make the experience YOURS!

You also have the opportunity to set goals for the month.
As you acheive those goals, you are awarded with huge amounts of points, and you will be celebrated in the community forum.  

Our community is one of the best parts of The Bold Nine Academy.  We are your people and you are ours.  Join us there to make like-minded friends, cheer each other on, receive support and coaching, hold yourself accountable for something or get a shot of encouragement.

Be prepared to experience feeling seen and known…if even for the first time ever. 

Members in past Bold Nine groups have shared:

"I've learned that there's absolutely nothing wrong with me and the way I see the world.  I've learned the power of thinking differently, which has helped me to be happier and more confident.  Now I wake up excited for the day."

-- Tara 

"I used to avoid feeling negative emotions in order to keep a “peaceful” state. Now, I feel more awake and alive and not at the mercy of my buffering patterns." 


"For the first time in my many years of marriage, I know what it feels like to assert my needs with my Type 8 husband. It feels amazing."


"As a single Nine, I wanted to get myself back out there but the thought of dating left me cold. After Heather's coaching, my whole approach changed. I started playing with it and having fun, and I learned a lot about myself in the process. Heather helped me to see how my rigid thoughts were the only thing in my way. Changing them transformed my experience.'"


"As I do the work that Heather has teaches in the Bold NIne Academy,  I can feel myself shifting into a better, bolder version of myself. My entire family is reaping the reward of a happier mama."


Heather’s coaching has helped me be more patient and engaged with my teenagers. My home life has improved tremendously and we just had one of our best family vacations ever. 


"I used to have what felt like a wall around my heart. It affected my ability to enjoy some of my friendships and my relationship with my husband. Since joining this program, that wall has come down. I have the ability to love them for who they are and just enjoy them."


High Fives

No matter what level of emotional health you are currently at as a Nine, this program can give you just what you need to step into that more confident version of yourself: A person who is able to feel REAL, lasting peace. 

Helping Nines to step into their power and enjoy their life experience is what we do at The Bold Nine Academy.

Doors are open now and all the fun begins on September 1!

If you're ready....Let's goooo!