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More than anything you just want to be awesome.

But mostly, it feels more like you’re failing.

You think it should be easier to feel peace in your life.

You think it should be easier to get things accomplishedto deal with your peopleto feel better about yourself and be yourself. 

You want to be courageous like others, and to share your opinion like others do.

But it feels hard...and you're tired of always feeling overlooked.

Here's what I want to tell you, my friend.

First...nothing is wrong with you or your life. You are simply a human being in this world. And you have a brain that is wired to seek comfort and peace at all times, avoid conflict and make sure everyone accepts you.

This overwhelming desire for peace causes you to fall asleep to yourself and your life.


You don't have to change all the circumstances in your life

in order to feel peace.

You just need to start thinking differently and learn to be in your body again.

You need help waking up and learning what it feels like to be more BOLD.

 And I'm here to help you to do it with The BOLD NINE Online  Academy.

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Your Questions Answered:

When does the course begin and how long does it last?

The next cohort of The Bold Nine Academy will run from  May 1 until the end of July.   After this, the members will be moved to the general Bold Nine membership where they will stay until April of 2023 free of charge.  At that time, they will have the opportunity to renew if desired. The general membership includes monthly classes, meditations, and membership coaching calls. 

What happens in the course?

Each week, you will receive lessons that you will complete on your own time, to help you grow in your confidence as a Nine.  The lessons include weekly videos, challenges, meditations and inner work questions to ponder and answer in your journal (which you will receive in the mail.) You can do as much or as little of it as you would like to. There's no such thing as "falling behind."  But you'll most likely want to do all of it because the more you learn and challenge yourself, and the more you interact with the group, the more confident and alive you will start feeling.  

How do I receive coaching, and why would I want to?

Where the course content, challenges and  group support are like a big ice cream sundae, the coaching you receive is like placing a thousand dollars on the top. Coaching is where the transformation is multiplied. It helps you get to the bottom of the issues that are holding you back.  The benefit of group coaching is that you will experience transformation when watching other Nines in coaching calls as you do when you are the one being coached. The beauty of watching others' coaching is that you get to just focus and listen. Nines all have the same conditioned tendencies and fears, so every single session, whether you are listening, or participating...has the potential to transform the way that you think and experience life. Each month,  you will get to have a 30 minute 1:1 session with me.  We'll record the session and the rest of the group members will have the opportunity to watch the replay after it's posted in the course environment. Come to the call with any issue that is holding you back or frustrating you.  It doesn't matter how big or small it feels. "All roads lead to Rome!"

What kinds of challenges do you give in the course?

The challenges are simple but powerful. Things like pondering a question and answering it in your journal, or sharing something in the Marco Polo group. Things that push you out of your comfort zone a little bit, but help you move to the next level in your awareness and confidence.

I don't have a good track record for completing much of anything...let alone online courses. How is this going to be different?

I have created something that you won't want to quit. In fact, you will anxiously await each experience.Here's why:  

1. You will have accountability. You'll go through the course with other like-minded Enneagram Nines who "get" each other. You will complete the challenges together. That sense of belonging and celebrating each other's wins is very motivating and affirming. You will become friends! 

2. The coursework itself is "gamified." You will be rewarded with fun applause and points for moving through the challenges. It works similarly to addictive video games. Little dopamine hits help us stay on track! 

3. The more you complete the lessons and challenges, receive coaching, and listen to others' coaching, the more confident and alive you will start feeling. You'll see the growth in yourself and will want to keep moving forward. 

I know a lot about the Enneagram, I follow you on Social Media and I read a lot of self-development books. How will this course be different than what I'm already learning?

Trying to overcome your unhealthy tendencies and show up more confidently by reading or listening to videos or podcasts only gives you one piece of what is needed. It's like learning to ski by just watching videos. You need to actually practice with your body and someone needs you to show you how to make it easier. This is what I do for your mental well-being as a Certified Life Coach. 

How much does the course cost?

The course is $595 or 3 monthly payments of $200. 

How many people in each cohort?

Anywhere from 8-15 people will be in the group. 

What if I get into it and decide it's not for me?

I'm so confident you’re going to love The Bold Nine Academy, that I offer a 14-day unconditional money back guarantee. This means you’ll get to sample the first Module and sample all the support and coaching, and if you’re not thrilled with the value I provide, just email me within 14 days of enrolling and I'll credit your full investment back to you immediately.

Is there a way to work with you to get more one on one help?

Yes, I offer an upgrade that gives you (8) 45-50 minute private sessions before and/or after the group experience. This is highly recommended for maximum  results and you can start immediately! Schedule a Discovery Call with me to experience coaching and help you decide if this is for you. 

Ready to start feeling better?

Still have questions?


You only have one earth life.

What will it cost you if you keep thinking the way you are thinking, feeling the way you are feeling, and getting the results you are still getting?

No matter what level of emotional health you are currently at as a Nine, this program can give you just what you need to step into that more confident version of yourself: A person who is able to feel REAL, lasting peace. Not temporary peace that is created by numbing or peacekeeping. 

Helping Nines to step into their power and enjoy their earth experience is what I do.

If you're ready, Let's go!

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