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Why Decisions are Difficult for Enneagram 9s

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Almost every Nine that comes across my computer screen tells me they have a hard time making a dang decision. It's an Enneagram Nine weakness for sure. And I get it. It feels so final when you make a decision. Even small decisions feel huge. When I decided that I was an amazing decision-maker and quit allowing my brain to indulge in indecision so it could be lazy, it started getting easier to make decisions! For example, my friend asked which trail I wanted to walk on one day. I noticed my brain immediately offering to me that there was a right or wrong choice and that I wasn’t assertive enough to care. But then I remembered that I’m now someone who easily makes decisions...just because it’s fun. So I randomly picked one and told her my decision in a confident way. And guess what happened? She still approved of me, and we had a lovely walk.

The most important decision that you can ever make is to decide that you are now a Bad-A decision-maker. I’m telling you, your brain will go to work proving that it’s true. And the bonus is your confidence will skyrocket!

Here are the top five reasons Nines have a hard time making decisions:

  1. They’re in the habit of letting other people make the decisions. It feels too unfamiliar.

  2. They don’t think they have what it takes to commit once they decide. They also don’t trust themselves enough to follow through.

  3. They think there’s a right or wrong choice, and they forget that they are the ones who get to decide if it’s right or wrong.

  4. They see all sides equally, and it’s too unfamiliar to allow themselves to have an opinion.

  5. They have forgotten how to go within and ask their heart what it knows.

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