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Want to Make Friends with Yourself?

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

"Mom, will I have to wear braces on my feet when I'm grown up?"

"Well... it will definitely be your choice, Bud. But you will want to wear them to keep you more stable when you walk."

What he really wanted to know is if he'll outgrow his Cerebral Palsy 😢 Oh how I wish I could take it away! But it's just going to be a part of his earth experience.

Louie's foot braces remind me of our brains as Enneagram Nines.

The Choice is Yours

We will always have our conditioned tendencies. As Nines, our brains will always offer to us how we might get rejected if we assert ourselves. They will always offer that conflict could ruin us.

So, we have two choices.

We can hate our tendencies and try to kick them out of our houses (bodies) or we can allow them to have rooms in our houses. We can give them space and honor them while working on our beliefs that make them so powerful.

The good news is that the second choice is not only easier but it works much better for lasting change. It gives them less power over us so we can love ourselves and get better results.

I want to make friends with my tendencies, like Louie has made friends with his foot braces…all while making my earth life experience more pleasant by managing my brain.

Allowing what is and using your power of CHOICE to learn and grow will make all the difference.

I can help you, Dear Enneagram Nine, to do the same. 💪🏼

Come try The Bold Nine and let me help you make the choice to befriend yourself!

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