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Quick Confidence Hack that Every Enneagram Nine Needs

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Sometimes I feel small and insignificant- even though I've done all this work to love myself.

Do you feel this way sometimes?

It's like you're just sitting there with your people, and out of the blue, one of these thoughts pops into your head:

  • "No one cares what I have to say."

  • "I'm so boring."

  • "I could leave, and no one would even notice."

But what's different about now vs. before I learned about being an Enneagram Nine is that now I just remind myself that my brain is just doing its thing. Reminding me of my core belief: "My presence doesn't matter."

It makes sense that my impulse is to pull out my phone and disengage when I'm feeling this way. It feels much easier there, numbing and buffering out the uncomfortable feelings. This tends to happen when an Enneagram Nine is in stress.

There's nothing wrong with me- I'm just responding to my brain and its tendencies.

Here's a little hack that I use when this happens:

I look up, sit up tall, bring my awareness to my body, and feel into my vertical dimension. I put space between each vertebra and feel what it feels like to be tall and open.

I invite you to try this and see what you notice.

Our vertical dimension is our dimension of dignity. When we feel ourselves there, we embody the feeling of mattering.

When I do this, I instantly start getting curious about the others in the room.

And before long, I'm enjoying myself.

Because noble and dignified is who I truly am. Feeling it brings me to life.

Practice this often, and your body will start memorizing how it feels, so it comes right to your mind when you're feeling small.

It's little somatic corrections like this that help us change.

If you want more help feeling confident with yourself as an Enneagram Nine, overcoming overthinking, and finding your true self, join The Bold Nine!

I'd love to help you transform your life.

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