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It's Okay to Be YOU, Nine.

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

There comes a time when we find that our stories are no longer going to work for us.

We need to let our future selves lead the way.

Here's what I mean.

Most of us Enneagram Nines grew up feeling like we had to modify who we were in order to be seen and get our emotional needs met.

We learned to blend in and we started carrying the burden of thinking that we had to make sure that everyone around us was happy in order for us to be happy.

We usually don't know any other way to be besides the accommodating one. It's all we have known.

But this comes with painful side effects:

- Feeling burdened to make sure everyone feels happy

- Not feeling safe to be your own person with your own opinions

- Pushing down and ignoring your desires

Eventually, we have to allow ourselves to feel the discomfort of not being liked by everyone. It's the only way to become our own person.

And it's okay to make that shift, even if it feels uncomfortable at first. After all, growth comes when we're uncomfortable.

Here's me giving you permission to be you.

We have to learn to find that love that we're seeking... within ourselves.

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