How to Stop Feeling Annoyed

This is how:

Remove the word, "SHOULD" from your relationship vocabulary.

If you stopped thinking that...

in-laws should respect one another

grandmas should want to babysit their grandkids

friends should answer texts

siblings should be close

and husbands should help without asking

How different would you feel?

Your thoughts would open up to whatever these relationships really look like in your life.

The bummer truth is that we can’t control people.

So instead of wasting your brain space on focusing on what’s missing and wishing things were could embrace all the good parts.

Humans are messy and complicated and they are all unique.

Doesn’t it make sense that relationships are that way, too?

Take away the expectations and let humans be humans. That feels much better.

This doesn’t mean that you let people walk all over you. Set boundaries. But make sure they are for you...not trying to change people.

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