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Enneagram Nines and Victim Mindset

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

I still remember the day about five years ago when I was weeding my garden and listening to a podcast and realized that I was in victimhood. I had never even considered it before. I just knew that I felt unhappy.

Once I became aware and started taking action in my life, some amazing things happened.

So what does this victimhood look like, specifically for Enneagram Nines, and how can you change it?

A Nine in victimhood:

Is complacent and unresponsive.

Resigns themselves, thinking nothing can be done.

Sweeps problems under the rug.

Fantasizes about a magic solution.


An Empowered Nine:

Looks into the problem and becomes part of the solution.

A Nine in Victimhood:

Blames their unhappiness on their circumstances and other people.

Buffers and numbs out negative emotions.

An Empowered Nine:

Takes the time to be with their unhappy feelings but also takes responsibility for their own happiness.

A Nine in Victimhood:

Complains a ton (even if only to themselves.)

An Empowered Nine:

Notices when negativity is creeping in and considers other perspectives.

A Nine in Victimhood:

Idealizes other people, thinking that they have it much easier.

An Empowered Nine:

Sees themselves as equally loveable and capable of creating a life that they want to create.