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How to Discern What You Want as an Enneagram Nine

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Do you know what you want?

Most Nines I talk to say they don’t even know.

I just want to invite us to challenge that belief.

I think Nines do know what we want. We just don't allow ourselves to go there because we're afraid it will be too much of a commitment.

"When you start waking up and you realize you have capacity, you have a fear of having to be "on" all the time. That level of expectation, of always having to show up... We don't think that we can do that. That requires too much. " --Seth Abrams

Then there's also this belief that we shouldn't want it. Or that we don't deserve it.

Why do we believe that others should have what they want, and we shouldn't?

That doesn't make any sense.

Wanting is a natural part of how we were created.

Our desires are truly the road map to our best lives.

If we follow those little inklings to want and allow ourselves to dream and to take action, we'll find the path we are meant to be on and we'll start contributing in the way we are meant to contribute.

That's where joy starts really opening up for us. Our souls need to expand!

What do you want, Dear Nine?

Don't be afraid to want it.

Take the time to nurture your desire and your reason for wanting it. It's like a little seed that needs water and light. Give it what it needs.

Then go get it!

Follow your passion. Find yourself. Let you shine.

Let me help you in the process- try The Bold Nine Academy!

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