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Are you an Overthinker?

Are you an overthinker? I used to be one.

Endless pros and cons lists and researching before I could make a decision or take action.

But I’ve learned that really there’s not a right or wrong answer and most of the time it’s better to just move forward. Indecision and confusion are two emotions that are never useful. They stop me dead in my tracks and keep me stuck.

The reason we don’t take action is simply a thought in our minds. It’s that simple.

We blame our inability to take action on the work we’ll have to do or the time it takes. We think that there’s a right or wrong way to do it.

But that’s not the problem. The problem is a thought in our mind that is stalling us because of the feeling that we think it will create.

Find that pesky little thought right now. Then find the feeling that it’s causing. Do you see how that thought is not useful?

Now, ask yourself how you think you’ll feel once you’ve accomplished this good thing that you’re trying to move forward with.

That feeling, right there, that you just thought of? It’s available to you right now! It’s the very one that you need to drive your action. So now you just have one more step. Find the thought that you need to think in order to generate that feeling, and start thinking that thought. It’s truly incredible the way this works. Try it!

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