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And It's OK

This is what I like to add to statements about myself or my life that I don’t like.⠀

It helps to inch me a little bit closer to a positive thought.⠀

“I gained weight this week...and it’s OK”⠀

“The kids are fighting...and it’s OK.”⠀

“The weather has changed our party plans...and it’s OK.”⠀

“I just yelled at her.... and it’s OK.”⠀

“Yet another hole in the wall...and it’s OK.”⠀

Sometimes I don’t want to feel OK about something. Sometimes it’s better that I just sit with the hard for a bit and let myself process it.⠀

But when it no longer serves me to think negatively about something, this little tag line helps. ⠀

And if I don’t believe it’s OK, I’ll add, “...and it’s possible that” before “it’s OK.”⠀

Bridge thoughts can really help when you’re having a hard time accepting what is. ⠀

This one is one of my favorites. Give it a try!

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