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5 Ways You Exhaust Yourself as an Enneagram Nine

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Ever notice how tired you feel doing life? Being an Enneagram Nine can be exhausting.

Our brains feed us all kinds of things that leave us feeling drained and worn out.

Here are five ways that Enneagram Nines tend to wear themselves out:

  1. Trying to be someone they are not. When you’re spending energy doing and saying things that you don’t really want to in order to make sure that people like/accept you or feel ok, it drains your energy. Though authenticity feels scary at first, it makes life much easier in the long run.

  2. Comparing themselves to people with different strengths. Many EnneagramNines see their strengths (like adaptability, empathy, and harmony) as less valuable than other people’s strengths that make them more outgoing or ambitious. It’s exhausting thinking about how you don’t measure up. Can you just lean into what makes you, you?

  3. All that thinking. You think that the person, the decision, or the circumstance is what is exhausting you. Nope, it’s the thinking, thinking, then thinking some more. Taking a good look at your thoughts on paper can help lighten things up so you can move on.

  4. Taking in information that is too overwhelming for their nervous systems. The news. Certain friend groups. You know what environments drain you. Be selective.

  5. Wishing that everyone was as calm and chill as they are. Trying to change how people feel or behave or wishing they were different is exhausting. Allowing them to be who they are (with boundaries as needed) makes your time with them feel much easier.

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