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5 Ways That Perfectionism Keeps Enneagram Nines Stuck

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

I never thought of myself as a perfectionist until I started seeing all of the sneaky ways that perfectionism was showing up in my life. When I started looking at why I was stuck with certain things (my stories about trying to be perfect or make things perfect so I can gain approval) and questioning it ALL…it made change so much easier.

Here are five ways that perfectionism keeps Nines stuck:

1. It causes them to over-analyze everything to the point that they feel paralyzed.

2. It tells them they need to criticize and blame themselves for not measuring up to their high-achieving friends. . They think if they beat themselves up enough, they’ll somehow improve.

3. It causes them to overcommit, but then they quickly get overwhelmed and burn themselves out.

4. It makes them consistently set goals that aren’t realistic, given their energy or attention levels.

5. It keeps them from asking for or accepting help…when help is clearly needed.

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