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5 Sneaky Ways Enneagram 9's Sabotage Their Own Efforts to Experience Success

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Do you find yourself getting sooo close to achieving what you want, but then something stops you in your tracks?

You may be sabotaging yourself without even realizing it!

In which of these 5 ways do you find yourself sneakily sabotaging your success?

I have found myself doing #1 and #5 to myself often in the past. But I'm onto myself now... and I'm blowing my own mind with what I'm getting done!

  1. They immediately give credit to someone else when something works, or decide it was just a fluke.

  2. They create busyness, doing things that keep them from having to continually take action towards their main goal.

  3. When given an opportunity to shine by doing something they’re naturally good at, they immediately suggest someone else who might do it better.

  4. They go along with other people’s ideas because they don’t think their ideas are going to create as much value, or that people will like them as much.

  5. When they get close to accomplishing what they set out to do, they stop taking action in a subconscious effort to keep themselves from proving their awesomeness.

What could change if you stopped doing it and kept taking action?

If you find yourself sabotaging yourself in any of these ways, you may have limiting beliefs as well as subconscious blocks that have been memorized by your body.

I can help you uncover this conditioning so you can stop feeling unseen and start getting more of what you want in your life. Come check out The Bold Nine!

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