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4 Voice Masks You May Be Using as an Enneagram 9

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

If being seen and heard is something that you struggle with, I have some cool info for Enneagram Nines about conditioning that you’ll want to know! I learned about these voice masks from Tracy Goodwin last fall and have been slowly breaking free from them ever since. Nines are masters at meshing. Does your voice change depending on who you’re talking to? Then you’re probably using voice masks.

Here are four common voice masks Enneagram 9s unconsciously use to keep themselves safe from rejection and disruption of peace:

1. The "Needing Permission" Mask. It sounds like: Your voice going higher at the end of your sentences. You may use it if it feels too bold to say what you want to directly.

2. The "Filler Word" Mask. It sounds like: Lots of filler words in between the words that matter. We use this to keep ourselves from having to hear a "no." Instead of getting to the point, we use extra words to try to prolong the possible rejection. We usually use it when we're offering something to someone.

3. The "Cheerleader" Mask. Sounds like: Being overly positive and encouraging, even when it's not necessarily helpful. We use this one when something might be too sad or vulnerable for us to comfortably engage with.

4. The "People Pleaser" Mask Sounds like: Keeping yourself quiet. We use this one when we're afraid of disappointing people.

There are others that are more common to other types, like the "needing to prove" mask and the "arrogance" mask.

The problem with these voice masks is they steal our power and block us from connecting with people. Even though we use them without realizing it, we do it to keep people from knowing who we truly are.

As an Enneagram Nine, I find myself using all of these voice masks sometimes. Give yourself grace if you do too.

As I grow in my self-confidence, my voice sounds more consistent across circumstances. More….me.

Changing what you say will not get people's attention. But changing how you say it will.

Our voices are the windows to our true selves. People don’t really know us if we are not allowing our sound to flow naturally… When we are all up in our heads, trying to control what people think.

If this is you and you're looking for a change to be more you, come join an incredible community of Nines at The Bold Nine Academy. You'll be amazed at the things you'll learn and become!