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Are you an Eneagram Type Nine?

Do you avoid conflict to the point that you feel like

you're  sleepwalking through your life?

Do you feel invisible in groups? 

Do you often find yourself people-pleasing, then feeling resentful?

Do you struggle to stick to the things that you set out to do?

You may be an Enneagram Type Nine,

nicknamed "The Peacemaker."


Nines have a calm, accepting influence that is so needed in this world.

However, fear of conflict and rejection causes them to keep themselves small.

They end up missing out on some of the best parts of the human experience.

First, I just want you to know,

Your Presence Matters.

And secondly, that it's possible for you to embody that truth for yourself.


As an Enneagram Type 9, You may struggle with:

  • feeling invisible in groups, thinking there's no use in speaking up or having an opinion

  • sticking to your to-do list

  • spinning in indecision and confusion when it's time to make a decision

  • feeling overwhelmed, then spending hours numbing out on your phone

  • knowing how to use your strengths to contribute in the world

  • not sharing your true desires, then feeling resentful

  • feeling frozen from taking leaps in life because you might fail 

  • holding down your anger, acting passive-aggressive, and sometimes exploding, or

  • making endless to-do lists that never get accomplished

Hi, I'm Heather Fillmore,
The Enneagram 9 Life Coach

I help the Peace-Lovers of the world to live boldly. I help them to stop feeling frustrated and resentful and slothful and to start taking charge of their emotional life and get better results. 

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