It's never too late for your Happily Ever After

We had five children in our family, then over a six-year period of time, we added four older children through adoption. We wanted to provide a "happily ever after for these kids, three of whom have special needs. They needed a loving family ...but I was not prepared for how hard it was going to be.


Everything was so unpredictable...and loud. And the more I thought about the way things used to be, the sadder I felt.  Then when my kids would act up, I would yell, then spend days in self-pity, telling myself how bad of a mom I was, and how hard my life was.

Relief is available.


I always thought that something outside of me had to change in order for me to feel better.

I tried going to parenting seminars, studying books and taking antidepressants.  


But the circumstance wasn't going to change anytime soon, if ever.  So the change needed to happen within me.

Once I was coached by a Life Coach, I figured out that I actually had the power within myself to feel peace and joy again, without my circumstances changing at all.

I knew that I needed new beliefs about myself and my life.  But I also needed help finding them, and tools to help me change. This is where life coaching came in. 

I can't express the relief I felt when I finally learned that I actually had the power to make my life amazing.  Wow, the difference is night and day.

Maybe your story is very different from mine. 

Maybe you're not a parent, like I am. Maybe you're single, or married without kids. Maybe you work outside the home, or you work from home or have a home-based business.

Whatever your story, you are a human being with a beautiful human brain that sometimes makes you feel like your problems are much bigger than they are. It shows up in many different ways and affects everything from your relationships to your weight. 

I have been extensively trained and certified to use a very effective method called "causal coaching. Here's a video where I explain in a little more detail what I do.

If you'd like to see what it's like to work with a life coach, let's hop on a super casual, free call and see if we're a good fit.  Click below to choose a time!