It's Never Too Late for Your Happily Ever After

Until about 4 years ago, I was really struggling.


I was overwhelmed as a mom of lots of kids, several with special needs. I also felt very lonely. I wondered if anyone outside of my immediate family cared about me or my life. 


I had a hard time asserting myself, especially in groups.


Everyone else seemed to be getting what they wanted in life, but it felt impossible for me to do the same. I was too insecure.


I also couldn't keep myself motivated as a mom. Why did it seem that other moms could handle chaos, be patient and stick to schedules so much better than I could?

I figured something must be wrong with me. I beat myself up every time I disengaged from my family or yelled at my kids. I just figured I was resigned to being a boring, scared person and a horrible mom.


I always thought that something outside of me had to change in order for me to feel better.

I tried going to parenting seminars, studying books, listening to podcasts and taking antidepressants.  


But the circumstances in my life weren't going to change anytime soon, if ever. 


Eventutally, I figured out that if I wanted to feel better, change needed to happen within me.

I knew that I needed new beliefs about myself and my life.  But I also needed help finding them, and tools to help me change. This is where life coaching came in. 

I can't express the relief I felt when I finally learned that I actually had the power to make my life amazing.  Wow, the difference is night and day. I finally freed myself from the pit of self-pity and started experiencing joy for the first time in a very long time.

After about a year of life coaching, I decided to become a coach myself. I received training at The Life Coach School and started coaching clients.


Several months into starting my coaching practice, I learned about the Enneagram and discovered that I was a Type 9. This was the last missing puzzle piece that I needed. I had incredible tools to help me thrive...and now I could see that my unhelpful tendencies like tuning out during conflict and staying stuck in indecision...were there because of the story that I had created about who I was and how I fit into the world. It helped me to give myself compassion so I could move forward more quickly from setbacks. 

Soon after, I had the idea to start solely coaching other Enneagram Nines. After all, I had the same conditioning. I knew what it was like to feel stuck in unhealthy Type 9 patterns...AND I knew what it took to get unstuck. I had experienced this change myself and I had all of the training and tools to help others do the same.

Maybe your story is very different from mine. 

Maybe you're not a parent like I am. Maybe you're single, or married without kids. Maybe you work outside the home, or you work from home or have a home-based business. Maybe you have no idea what brings even brings you joy anymore.

Whatever your story, you are a human being with a beautiful human brain that sometimes makes you feel like your problems are much bigger than they are. It shows up in many different ways and affects everything from your relationships to your time management to your weight. 

If you're an Enneagram Type 9 and you're feeling the nudge to start making some changes...I'm your girl!

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