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How to Start ENJOYING YOURSELF at Family (or other social) Gatherings.


Hey, Nine. Can I share a secret with you? 


The reason that you don’t have good time at family gatherings isn’t that mom is cranky or brother-in-law is getting into your business. 


It’s not because your sister is judging you or your kids are misbehaving.


It’s not because of Grandma’s ignorant comments or Uncle Joe’s instance on talking about his political views. 


None of that is what is exhausting you and making you want to escape and numb out. 


It’s because of something else…going on right between your own two ears. 


I’m going teach you all about it, and how you can enjoy your time with loved ones a lot more this summer, in a free class that I will record and send you on July 15. 


To sign up, simply leave your info below.


You’ve spent this past year in your quiet, safe little bubble. Now, I’ll help you get mentally ready to gather again so you can be present and enjoy time with your family. 

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