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If you are an Enneagram Nine, you may fear allowing others to have negative opinions of you.  This makes complete sense when you consider The Nine's Core Fear: Loss of connection with anything they love.

Nines love connection. They want everyone to like them. 


Nines want to fit in with the "pack." They want to keep that state of peaceful belonging at all times.


Opening themselves up to being criticized is the last thing that the Nine's ego wants them to do. 

Our brains (when unsupervised) are very selective about what they want to focus on. They will always choose whatever might be a threat to our acceptance in the "pack."

In this class, I share some ways of feeling more confident in doing things that open you up to possible criticism. We also practiced feeling how to move toward what you care about from a centered place, where you can show up in a noble and shiny way. 


Watch this recorded class to learn and practice moving toward what you care about. 

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