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  • feeling invisible in groups, thinking there's no use in speaking up or having an opinion

  • sticking to your to-do list

  • spinning in indecision and confusion when it's time to make a decision

  • feeling overwhelmed, then spending hours numbing out on your phone

  • knowing how to use your strengths to contribute in the world

  • not sharing your true desires, then feeling resentful

  • feeling frozen from taking leaps in life because you might fail 

  • holding down your anger, acting passive-aggressive, and sometimes exploding, or

  • making endless to-do lists that never get accomplished

As an Enneagram Type 9,

You may struggle with:

I'm Heather Fillmore, 

The Enneagram 9 Life Coach. 

I completely understand your struggles as a Peacemaker, because I'm one myself. 

Hiring a life coach helped me to wake up to my life. To find and LOVE the true me.  

I want to help you feel better, too.  

Through my work as a Certified Life Coach, I help people with these tendencies to navigate conflict and the daily stressors of life in a more bold, purposeful way.  

Because...let's face it: the more healthy,  present peacemakers there are in the world, the better off it will be.  


Tara H.

I'm so glad I scheduled that first call with Heather. 


She helped me to see that there's absolutely nothing wrong with me and the way I see the world.  She helped me learn how to think differently, which has made me feel happier and more confident. 


Now I wake up excited for the day, and I'm even looking forward to becoming a certified yoga instructor - something I've thought about for a long time but hadn't had the confidence to do - until now!

Donita H.

Before I worked with Heather I carried a lot of guilt and frustration as a mom. I was trying so hard to get my kids to be the people that I wanted them to be so I could feel better. It wasn’t working.

This has made me feel so much calmer and less frustrated. 

What helped me the most was when Heather guided me through releasing the emotions that were keeping me stuck. I immediately felt a shift and found it easier to access the beliefs that help me the most. 

Working with Heather has helped me so much!

Stacy E.

In our sessions, Heather helped me to see the thoughts that I was thinking (my blind spots) that were keeping me stuck in this pattern, as well as others that I had as a Nine.

Once I realized that I had the power to control the way I think and feel about any given situation and started using the tools Heather taught me, I noticed a big shift in my everyday mentality.


I now feel more confident, I communicate with better my husband, and I’m more excited for what the future holds for me. This program is worth the investment of your future! 

Here's What Enneagram 9 Clients Are Saying About the Program

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