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a 2-Part Workshop for Enneagram Nines

Hello, Dear Nine!

Are you finding yourself continually in the STUCK CYCLE when it comes to accomplishing what you want to accomplish?

It looks something like this: 

You have an idea > You overanalyze or research the heck out of it. > You tell yourself it's too hard/confusing  > You procrastinate figuring it out > It doesn't happen. 

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I'm Heather Fillmore, a Certified Life Coach and Somatic Coach who helps Enneagram Type Nines to be more BOLD in their lives.


I've been solely working with Nines for over two years and one problem that all of my clients seem to share is their struggle with actually finishing what they start.


They have so many grand ideas, but can't seem to decide which idea to move forward with, and if they finally do decide, they feel paralyzed with moving forward.

I recently taught a live workshop with some some important steps to becoming a PRODUCTIVE  Enneagram Type 9 and I'm offering it after the fact for those who would like to watch the replays for $9.99.


I'm an Enneagram Nine myself and these are steps that I've taken to help myself become someone who accomplishes much more of what I set out to do, producing results in my business and my household that I never thought were possible before. Believe me when I say....I LOVE my naps and doing nothing!


If you attend the workshop (either live or later) and take part in the 30-day challenge that I extend, you will not only be well on your way to becoming a PRODUCTIVE,  "Healthy Three-ish" Nine, but you will have accomplished something that felt nearly impossible before, and you'll be able to show yourself that you are someone that you can count on. This is HUGE when you go to accomplish your next goal. 

This workshop was live and the 30-day challenge includes a Facebook group. If you purchase the workshop after January, 2023, you will have access to the recordings and workbook, but not the challenge group as it will have ended.

Sign up for the Workshop!

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