Thoughts of a
Purposeful Peacemaker

In default mode, your Type Nine brains like to hide from reality. It thinks that if you pretend the conflicts of life aren't there, that they will go away. 

Even though it may help for the time, there are consequences to allowing yourself to live in this dream-like stupor. You end up trading your momentary peace for healthy relationships, personal growth, and productivity.

Click below for my printable list of thoughts that will help you to be more emotionally healthy as a Nine. 


Have fun with this list and hold it lightly! For example, if there's a thought that feels like too much of a stretch, add, "It's possible that," or "I'm on my way to believing that" before the thought.

You can choose one thought each week to practice saying over and over again. Make the thought an alarm on your phone that goes off periodically, or write it on a post-it note and stick it to your bathroom mirror and fridge! Whatever makes it fun for you!

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