Hi! I'm Heather Fillmore, The Enneagram 9
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I help Peacemakers to stay self-motivated and present in their lives and to become people who truly believe that their presence matters.

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I've got you.

Hello, my friend. Thank you for stopping by.


I want you to know that I completely understand your struggles as a Nine. Because I'm one myself!


We are such beautiful humans...so needed in the world. We have a calm, peaceful demeanor and people love this about us.

But we loathe conflict so much that sometimes it becomes a problem. Conflict makes us want to hide. 

Here are a few things that I understand about you, as an Enneagram Type Nine:

You may be so afraid of speaking up that you blend into the background. This makes you feel invisible and you don't like feeling invisible. 

You might have a hard time sticking to your to-do list. You might have lots of ideas and projects in your brain.  But everything seems to pull you away and you're not finishing anything.  A lot of your time is wasted just trying to make decisions about what you want to do! Then there's the issue of staying motivated. 

You also may not know what to do to contribute to the world.  It's easier to numb out than to take time to explore ideas or try to figure it out. Plus, fear of failure gets in the way.

I get you, friend. I was just like you in these ways.  


Hiring a good life coach helped me stop feeling like I was on the back burner of my life.  It helped me to feel alive and to find, and LOVE the true me. I no longer turn to my phone or food so much when uncomfortable emotions come up. This feels so empowering!


I love what I learned so much that I became specially trained to help others to do the same.


I'm not an enneagram coach, but a Certified Life coach, trained at The Life Coach School, the best of the best in creating coaches who can truly help people. 


I choose to focus on helping people who identify as Peacemakers, or Enneagram 9's because I'm doing this work myself, and I understand just what it's like to struggle with the things you struggle with!


I'd love to help you feel better.  Let's have a conversation!

Here's What Past Clients Are Saying

"I am so grateful I got to be coached by Heather! I feel more empowered with life and am excited to face the future, come what may! I really valued her opening my mind to push me to believe and take action on the dreams I want to accomplish! My emotional pool of stability is stronger now because of knowing how to better coach myself! It was worth every minute and penny!"

Amanda E

Heather helped me more than I can adequately describe. I’m more aware of my thoughts and how they influence my decisions. Now I understand the difference between thoughts and circumstances, and have the tools to work through things that I’m struggling with. These tools have helped me to let go of things that are out of my control and not judge myself so harshly for the parenting mistakes that I’ve made. I wish I had known these things when my kids were younger so that I could have helped them to process emotion and deal with difficult circumstances and people. Every mom needs these tools!!

Whitney N

"In just a few weeks of taking her class and having one-on-one coaching, I have seen the most remarkable changes in the way I think and have control over my feelings. My relationships with others have increased, my life and choices is 100% my ownership, and I have started facing my fears and creating the results I want in my life. Everyone needs a Heather!"

Julia J

We adopted a child in 2012 who has multiple diagnoses and struggles with lying and manipulating people and situations in order to feel safe. Attachment, connection and relationships are difficult and over the years I had developed quite a hardened heart towards her. This caused me guilt, self-loathing, anger towards my daughter and despair about the future.  After one coaching session with Heather, I realized how my thoughts, emotions and reactions to my daughter had been  pushing me away from her in my mind. Heather suggested some shifts in my thought patterns. They seemed minor, but had a major impact on my perspective. She was able to pinpoint one of my initiating thoughts and helped me to see the result it was creating.  It’s simple and mind blowing all at the same time. 


Loving my daughter unconditionally takes practice, but Heather helps me to retrain my brain and get me back on track. It has been so helpful with my day to day interactions with my daughter, to perceive her in a different light and to be aware of my inner dialogue and alter it if it is not serving me.


Also, I need to confess: A video coaching session sounded like a nightmare to me, and I was pretty nervous about it. But Heather is one of the most compassionate people I have ever known. There is zero judgement and I left the session feeling like someone had just come alongside me with Christ-like love, offering wise suggestions and new ways of thinking about things, but never pushing. 

Linda B
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