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Specific, direct help for Enneagram Type 9s who want to feel BOLDER and BETTER.

More than anything you want to speak what's really on your mind and feel like you matter. But mostly,  it feels impossible.


You think it should be easier to have the peaceful, purpose-filled life that you so long for.

You think it should be easier to accomplish what you want to accomplish, deal with your people, feel like you measure up to everyone else, and be yourself. 

You wish it was easier to assert yourself during conflict and share your opinion.

But it feels hard...and you're tired of continually feeling less than (and overlooked!)


Here's what I want to tell you, my friend.

First...nothing is wrong with you or your life. You are simply a human being in this world.  And as an Enneagram Type 9, you have a brain that is wired to seek comfort and peace at all times, avoid conflict and make sure everyone accepts you.

And the good news is that you don't have to change all the circumstances in your life in order to feel better.

You just need help staying awake to your life and learning what it feels like in your brain and body to live  boldly. 

What does a Bold Nine look like?

  • Someone who can move into conflict in a healthy, purposeful way

  • Someone who can speak more vulnerably about what they truly feel, creating more intimacy with those who are most important to them

  • Someone who can be themselves at work and in social settings, not worrying so much about everyone's opinions of them

  • Someone who can allow themselves to feel their feelings (including joy AND discomfort) instead of numbing  with things like food, alcohol, or electronic devices.

  • Someone who accomplishes more of what they set out to do, and

  • Someone who can discern what they truly want.

I help people become this version of themselves in The Bold Nine Academy, an online coaching community just for the Peace-Loving, Gentle Souls of the world.   Enneagram Type 9s.


If you're like I was, it probably seems impossible, given your past experiences. You've fallen off the many. times.

But if you aren't getting the results that you want in life, it's because you're subconciously sabotaging your efforts. Doing something different feels too dangerous, on a visceral level.


At the Bold Nine, you'll  learn how to move forward in life, honoring this conditioning, but at the same time,  practicing a new way of being.


On the coaching calls, you will hear the coaching of people  who struggle with the same kinds of tendencies and challenges as you. As you place yourself in their shoes, it's like you're the one getting the help.


You'll also have the opportunity to come for coaching, yourself.


Before you know it, you'll start moving over to the driver's seat of your thoughts and emotions and you'll feel braver, happier and more alive.


Awareness brings choice. Practice brings change. 

Trying to overcome your unhealthy Enneagram Type 9 habits and show up more confidently by reading self- improvement books or listening to podcasts only gives you one piece of what is needed. 

If you're ready for real change that lasts a lifetime, you need practice...coupled with skilled, specific help.  As a Certified Life Coach and Somatic (Body-Based) Coach, I have the training, experience and skills to take you from  slothful... to hopeful... to purposeful. 

My clients report big changes in the way they feel.  Even listening to a few calls each month have made all the difference in their life. 

Here's what some Bold Nine Members have shared:

"I'm feeling so much more hope about the future." - Stacey V.

"I feel like a different person than I used to be since joining The Bold Nine Academy. I'm much more comfortable in my own skin."



"My commitment Statement is 'I am a commitment to being intentional with my wants and speaking my mind without fear” I have been growing into this statement so much more confidently than I ever imagined. Still a work in progress with lots to learn, but wow!" -Monica


"The Bold Nine has already changed my life - not an understatement. I’m developing practical tools that are giving me the ability to coach myself through struggles when they come up, which has changed my mindset and gotten me “unstuck.” feels so good to be in a community of people who JUST GET YOU."  - Kerri

"Heather has a way of helping me to see things from a different angle than my 9 brain can usually figure out on its own."  -Eileen

"I already feel like I'm better able to handle situations that come up in my life, especially conflicts where I want only peace."  -Earl

"I've done a lot of inner work but I still find Heather's support a Godsend that came to me at the right time. I've learned some really powerful tools and I find Heather's coaching helpful, especially because you can see a part of you in each person being coached."  -Mahy

Once inside The Bold Nine Academy, you'll get:


Each week, Heather or one of her other experienced coaches, coach 3-4 members on a coaching call on Zoom. The call is recorded, so if you can't attend live, you can always access it later, in the Replay Section on the Bold Nine website or on the Bold Nine Private Podcast.


Heather and her coaches are Certified at  The Life Coach School in mindset coaching. Heather is also trained in Somatic Coaching and uses body-centered coaching to help her clients to feel into their dignity, presence and confidence. 


All of the Bold Nine coaches are not only Enneagram Nines themselves, but they are trauma informed and have the ability to help their clients tune into their own intuition to find the answers that they need.


In addition to coaching calls, the Academy also has live  workshops and classes that specifically help Nines to learn how be more bold, happy and purposeful.


Some of the classes focus on mindset concepts and tools and others focus on the somatic (full picture) side of things. We also have 30-minute Self Healing Calls  where we do practices that help you to heal your nervous system. 


Members also have access to an archive of video lessons that teach tools that can greatly improve your experience as a Nine, as well as meditations and embodiment practices that help you wake up to yourself. 


When you join The Bold Nine Academy you immediately gain a group of friends. 


We gather on our community forum to share our takeaways, wins and questions. One of our members also hosts a Marco Polo Channel.


In these spaces, you get to be yourself, vent, laugh about all your crazy habits, and cheer one another on during hard times.

You will never feel so deeply understood and valued as you will in the Bold Nine Community.

If you prefer to stay in the background and do your own thing, that is also COMPLETELY acceptable! There's no right or wrong way to participate in the Academy.


Each month, we focus on one aspect of growing as a Nine.


Here are some of the topics we've covered so far:

  • How to Feel Better 

  • Connection in Relationships

  • Becoming your #1 Fan

  • "Waking Up" as a 9

  • How to stop Numbing Out

  • Knowing what you Want

  • Productivity

  • Easier Relationships

  • Overcoming Overwhelm

  • Raising your Happiness Level

  • The Art of Desire

Each week we have 3-4 calls on the calendar. Some are during the day, and some int the evening in the US. 


You are NOT expected to attend all of them. In fact, many of our members live outside the US and don't attend any of the calls live.  You're invited to choose which calls you feel you need the most and  attend them live or lwatch or listen later.  If you miss a few weeks, no problem. There's no such thing as falling behind.  Just sprinkle it into your life here and there. Every little sprinkling will help you grow, develop and feel happier as a Nine.


Of all of the calls, the ones that will make the biggest difference in your life are the coaching calls.  Whether it's you being coached, or another Nine, this is where you can see how everything we teach is applied to real life situations.

As a Nine, you're so gifted at helping others to grow. But what about you? Have you ever invested in YOU and your personal growth? This one simple act can change the way that you see yourself and give you so. much. hope.
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Membership in The Bold Nine Academy is $97 per month and you can cancel at any time. During the time you are paying, you have access to the course, the community and the call recordings via the Bold Nine website and private podcast.

Sign up HERE!

If you would love to join the Academy,  but paying $97 per month would create too much of a financial strain, please consider our tiered pricing option. 


Learn about that  here.

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