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THE coaching program for Enneagram Type 9s who want to feel BOLDER and BETTER.

More than anything you want to be bold. But mostly,  it feels impossible.


You think it should be easier to feel the peace that you so long for.

You think it should be easier to accomplish what you want to accomplish, deal with your people, feel like you measure up to everyone else, and be yourself. 

You wish it was easier to assert yourself more and share your opinion as others do.

But it feels hard...and you're tired of continually feeling less than (and overlooked!)


Here's what I want to tell you, my friend.

First...nothing is wrong with you or your life. You are simply a human being in this world.  And as an Enneagram Type 9, you have a brain that is wired to seek comfort and peace at all times, avoid conflict and make sure everyone accepts you.

But I want to tell don't have to change all the circumstances in your life in order to feel peace.

You just need help waking up and learning what it feels like to be more BOLD as an Enneagram Nine.

What does a Bold Nine look like?

  • Someone who can move into conflict in a healthy, purposeful way

  • Someone who can speak more vulnerably about what they truly feel, creating more intimacy with those who are most important to them

  • Someone who can be themselves at work and in social settings, not worrying so much about everyone's opinions of them

  • Someone who can allow themselves to feel their feelings (including joy AND discomfort) instead of numbing from them with things like food, alchohol, or electronic devices.

  • Someone who accomplishes more what they set out to do, and

  • Someone who is fully tuned into themselves and can discern what they truly want.

I help people become this version of themselves in The Bold Nine Academy, an online coaching community just for Peace-Lovers, or Enneagram Type 9s.


I know what you're probably thinking.

" seems impossible, given my past experiences."


Every time you've tried to change in the past, you've fallen off the horse. 


I GET it! I've been many. times.

But here's the thing:


If you aren't getting the results that you want in life, it's because your brain has been operating in default mode, doing what it's programmed to do. Your conditioning is also deeply-rooted. 


At the Bold Nine, you're going to start learning how to move forward in life, honoring this conditioning, but at the same time,  practicing a new way of being.


On the coaching calls, you will hear me coach people  who struggle with the same kinds of tendencies and challenges. As you place yourself in their shoes, it's like you're the one getting the help.


You'll also get to practice these habits in the group classes. Whether you come to the classes live or you watch the recordings, you will learn and practice life-changing skills. You can compare it to learning to knit or cook with an online instructor. You need someone to show you how to do it and  help you practice, creating muscle memory.


Before you know it, the problems that have been frustrating you for so long, suddenly stop feeling so heavy. You start moving over to the driver's seat of your thoughts and emotions and you feel braver, happier and more alive.

Bold Nine (1).jpg

Awareness brings choice. Practice brings change. 

Trying to overcome your unhealthy 9 habits and show up more confidently by reading self- improvement books or listening to podcasts only gives you one piece of what is needed.

If you're ready for real change that lasts a lifetime, you need practice...coupled with skilled, specific help. 

I have the training, experience and skills to take you from  slothful... to hopeful... to purposeful. 

My clients report huge changes in the way they feel.  Even listening to one call a week can make all the difference in your life. You can also sign up to get coached yourself!

Once inside The Bold Nine Academy, you'll get:


Heather and her coaches are Certified Life Coaches, trained at  The Life Coach School.


Heather is also in trained in Somatic Coaching and uses principles of embodiment to help her clients to feel into their dignity and confidence. 


Not only is she an Enneagram Nine herself, but she is trauma informed and has the ability to help her clients tune into their own intuition to find the answers that they need.


In addition to monthly workshops and coaching, the program includes an archive of video lessons that teach tools that can greatly improve your experience as a Nine.

To help you stay on  course, each month there is a  simple "mission" for you to accomplish. Those who accomplish the monthly missions are eligable for prizes, including Enneagram 9 gear like T-shirts and Coffee Mugs. You also get to earn free seats at Heather's  in-person events, coming in 2023. 


When you join The Bold Nine Academy you immediately gain a group of friends. 


We gather on our community forum (which will be in house very soon,) and on our "Say Anything" calls that are led by our CFO (Chief FUN Officer,) Leah. In these spaces, you get to be yourself, vent, laugh about all your crazy habits, and cheer one another on during hard times.

You will never feel so seen, heard and valued as you will in the Bold Nine Community.

If you prefer to stay in the background and do your own thing, that is also COMPLETELY acceptable! There's no right or wrong way to participate in the Academy.


Each month is like it's own course where we tackle one aspect of growing as a Nine.


In addition to coaching and practice calls, Heather hosts workshops on Zoom where she teaches powerful tools to help Nines to be more bold in all areas of their lives. 

 Examples of monthly topics include:

  • How to Feel Better 

  • Connection in Relationships

  • How to be Assertive

  • Overcoming Fear

  • How to stop Numbing Out

  • Time Management and

  • Self Concept

Each week there are 1-2 coaching calls and one workshop or practice call.Most take place from 9 am to 12 pm MST and there are one to two evening calls per week.

If your schedule doesn't allow for coming live,  you can always watch the replays.  Either way, you will get everying that you need from the calls

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As a Nine, You're so gifted at helping others to grow. But what about you? Have you ever invested in YOU in this way?

Membership in The Bold Nine Academy is only $97 per month and you can cancel at any time. There is also a Founding Member special that ends this month, for only $795 for 12 Months. That's a $369 savings!


You'll never know what's possible until you give it a try. Join the Bold Nine Academy today!