Hi! I'm Heather Fillmore, The Enneagram 9
Life Coach!

I'm on a mission to help the Peacemakers and People Pleasers of the world to stop sleepwalking through their lives and to start engaging and creating a life that feels much more purposeful. 


Through my work as a Certified Life Coach and through my personal experience having a brain that is wired the same way, I help my clients to more purposefully navigate conflict and the daily stressors of life. Because let's face it: the more healthy, present peacemakers there are in the world, the better off it will be.

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a list of inspiring thoughts for Enneagram Nines to think each day to help ground them and move them into action.

I've got you.

Hello, my friend. Thank you for stopping by.


I want you to know that I completely understand your struggles as a Peacemaker. Because I'm one myself!


We are so needed in this world. We have a calm, accepting demeanor and people love this about us.

But we loathe conflict so much that we end up missing out on some of the best parts of the human experience. 

Here are a few things that I understand about you, as an Enneagram Type Nine, or Peacemaker:

You may feel like there's no use in speaking up or asserting yourself because no one cares what you have to say. You don't like feeling invisible. 

You might have a hard time sticking to your to-do list. You might have lots of ideas and projects in your brain.  But everything seems to pull you away and as a result, you're not finishing anything, really.  A lot of your time is wasted just trying to make decisions about what you want to do! 

You also may not know what your best strengths are, or how to use them to contribute in the world.  It's as if you've completely forgotten what it feels like to want. Plus, fear of failure gets in the way.

I get you, friend. I was just like you in these ways.  


Hiring a good life coach helped me stop feeling like I was on the back burner of my life.  It helped me to wake up to my life and to find, and LOVE the true me.

I love what I learned about my thinking so much that I became specially trained to help others to do the same.


I'm a Certified Life coach, trained at The Life Coach School.

I choose to focus on helping people who identify as Peacemakers, or Enneagram 9's because I'm doing this work myself, and I understand just what it's like to struggle with the things you struggle with!


I'd love to help you feel better.  Let's have a conversation!

Here's What Past Clients Are Saying

"I've LOVED Heather's coaching! Because of the work we did together, I'm better able to work through, or at least recognize when something is a thought versus a circumstance. 

This has helped me to have better control over my feelings and to show up more like the person I want to be.

I'm also much better at recognizing what I want versus what I don't want (something I've struggled with as a Nine) and focusing on what I've accomplished each day, instead of what I haven't. 

This has helped me to actually accomplish more than I used to. 

I'm so thankful for the work that Heather and I have done together."

"I'm much more in tune with my thoughts and feelings now. When I feel something, I know where it's coming from almost immediately and many times I can help myself feel better quickly.

I'm now finally seeing progress, after months of indecision and inertia. As I'm making this progress, I'm feeling the discomfort that comes from growth, but Heather is right by my side to continue to guide me through it all.

I feel so much more like a healthy 3 now, which I never thought I could be. I no longer get wrapped up in wondering why I feel the way I do. My work with Heather has changed everything!”

“Before I worked with Heather I carried a lot of guilt and frustration as a mom. I was trying so hard to get my kids to be the people that I wanted them to be so I could feel better. It wasn’t working.


Heather helped to show me how to release those unrealistic expectations and allow my kids to be who they are. I have stopped focusing on what I need to do, and more on getting curious about who they truly are. I'm allowing them to have their own experiences without getting in their way. This has made me feel so much more calm and so much less frustrated as a mom. 


What helped me the most was when Heather guided me through releasing my emotions that were keeping me stuck. I immediately felt a shift and found it easier to access the beliefs that help me the most. 


I’m grateful for the opportunity that I had to work with Heather. It has helped me so much!”

Jessica H


Charis B.


Donita H

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